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Mothers' Union Diocese of Carlisle

The Carlisle Diocese Mothers Union is part of a 4 million strong organisation dedicated to developing a world where everyone prospers. You don’t have to be Mother, or even a woman to join.

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Our activities in Cumbria in 2022 reached 2,000 Beneficiaries. Worldwide: nearly 450,00 people were directly and positively impacted and 1.5m indirectly supported. This is largely made possible through the subscriptions of MU members in Britain and Ireland.

People supported in Cumbria

Carlisle Diocese Mothers Union is part of a 4 million strong Global movement wanting to to show our Christian faith by helping the strengthening of communities worldwide. We do this by helping to nurture strong relationships at all levels. In Cumbria we provide holidays, support refuges, hospitals and our prison. Any baptised person (male, female, LGBTQ+) who supports our aims can join.

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The Mothers’ Union in Cumbria provides holidays for disadvantaged families, toiletries for hospitals, refuges and our prison. Baby clothes for the hospitals and fiddle muffs for care homes. We provide toys for playgroups, prayer spaces and books for schools.   We help others on many ways and , importantly, we pray for each other and the MU members around the world, pausing every midday as a wave of pray goes around the world.

Many women have achieved literacy and numeracy from your donations
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The Miracle Moments: Fighting Gender Based Violence

Mothers’ Union works tirelessly to eradicate gender based violence and support the 1 in 3  affected. They are working closely with Women’s Aid and advocating with the UN Commission on the status of Women.

Many women have achieved literacy and numeracy from your donations

Awar, a MU co-ordinator from Ethiopia

"I was forced to marry at 17, if I had had training like this my life would have been very different, so I give my Saturdays to the girls, so they can have the best future, a good life and avoid experiencing all that I did”.


While facilitating numeracy, literacy and agricultural session Mothers’ Union also educates about the rights of women, especially in countries where gender based violence is culturally acceptable.     They also educate local leaders about rights of women and to teach men to behave appropriately.

Photos courtesy of Taking Pictures, Changing Lives Foundation