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Our members are not all mothers, or even all women.

Diocese of Carlisle

What is the Carlisle diocese of the Mothers Union?

We are a small part of a worldwide organisation of over 4 million people with a vision for a world where everyone prospers. We actively pursue this vision through prayer and action, seeking to bring about justice, challenge prejudice and advocate change.

You can find out where we have branches or how to join on the National Website.


Mary Sumner

Every Mothers Union member is important.

As a charity we have a board of Trustees who oversee the activities, ensuring they fit with our aims, support the branches to develop and undertake appropriate safeguarding etc and ensure our finances are managed appropriately


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Deb Lee
Carole Gardner
Vice President
Helen Belton
Vice President
Barbara Simpson
News Editor
Julie Barratt
Daphne Sisson
Action and Outreach co-ordinator
Marion Douthwaite
Mandy Jones
Calder Lead
Brenda Grear
Safeguarding Lead
Kay Shepherd
Barrow and Furness lead
Anne Wodeman
Kendal Area lead


Mothers’ Union is a global Christian movement working with people of all faiths and none to develop communities, strengthen families and advocate for change so that everyone can prosper.    It particularly supports mothers and families, but not exclusively.


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The Mothers Union started as a Christian group to support mothers and families and that remains at the core of our work and guiding principles, but now we welcome you to join us whoever you are – you don’t have to have children, be married or even be a woman. 

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There are many ways you can get involved with the Mothers’ Unions’ work, give back and learn new skills along the way.


To find out more visit the Mothers Union website here.

Your membership matters

Membership subscriptions support our work in Cumbria and worldwide

We would love to hear from you. You can fill in the contact form, email or ring and of the contacts given or  speak to a local member.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Working for families in Cumbria for 130 years since 1890

Initially the Mothers’ Union was an organisation for mothers. Supporting them as they brought up their children and managed their homes and family life. The Mothers’ Union has always focused on supporting those with most need.  Nowadays you don’t have to be a mum or even a woman, you can be a man or LGBTQ+ and be a member.

We still focus the support we give and our advocacy on women and on parents whose lives have met with adversity. 

1890 - Simple but hopeful beginnings​

Supported by the Church many branches sprang up across UK and then worldwide.      These groups followed the lead of our founder, Mary Sumner, providing support and fellowship to mothers.

2022​ - Current Hope and activity​

Cumbria has 48 branches and nearly 1,000 members. Membership ensures that the work in UK and internationally advocating for the rights women and children. We provide holidays for those whose family life has met with adversity, support our hospitals and refuges as well as  the families of prisoners in Cumbria.

2023 - Transforming for the Future!

We want the Mothers’ Union to be active for another 130 years in Cumbria, we need you to support us!  You can join a branch, an online group or just support as an individual diocesan member.  

Your membership WILL make a difference, here in Cumbria and worldwide.  Contact us below.