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Our crosses in pockets are small but can make a difference to others.  A lady, who had been visiting her sick mother for some time chose one and sat down to wait  until visiting time.

A gentleman I had spoken to on previous visits joined me.  He told me he had not had good news and his wife was now in palliative care.  I gave him my carefully chosen little cross.   She took a second cross on my way up to the ward to visit her mother only to discover she had been transferred to a community hospital.  Her neighbour on the ward was a little upset as they had been good friends.  I gave her the  second carefully chosen little cross, which she really appreciated.

On my way out of the hospital, a bit distressed myself because mum’s transfer was rather sudden  I took a third little cross from the stall, .  I have it here with me now – until I meet someone who needs it more than I do!

Please tell whoever supplies these little crosses that they are much appreciated little tokens and are a great connection with spiritual and human comfort.  Thank you so much!”